How is Tomigusuku City like?

Tomigusuku City is located in southern part of Okinawa adjacent to Naha City in the north, Haebaru Town and Yaese Town in the east, Itoman City in the south, and has a long coastline facing the East China Sea in the west. It is a city full of history, culture, and nature such as the tide land where many migrating birds land, the wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention, island, river and hilly area.

From long ago, Tomigusuku has a long history as a pure farming village gifted with rich land, and produced leafy vegetables after the war, and recently suburban agriculture is active in producing fruits such as mangos which has become number one in Japan and vegetables such as tomatoes for which it is the main producing area in Okinawa. There are also two fishing ports where fishing such as payao fishing takes place.

lso, there are various festivals in Tomigusuku that has continuously been upheld until today. It is the land where Okinawa’s haarii (dragon boat race) was born, the locale connected to eisaa (youth dance of the bon festival of the lunar calendar), and the land where John Manjiro stayed at the end of Edo Period. It became a fierce battlefield during World War II where many precious lives were lost. There is the former Japanese Navy headquarters’ cave as a place to think about peace today.

In recent years, the city has developed with various rental car companies as the base nearby Naha Airport, as well as with commercial facilities such as Roadside Station Toyosaki and the outlet mall. There are relaxation areas with beautiful sunset such as one of Okinawa’s largest artificial beaches Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach and the Senaga Island, and Okinawa Prefecture has designated the city as the “Airway Resort Tomigusuku”. Tomigusuku’s population increase rate has become high with the city developement, and it’s introduced by various media as the young city, or one of the top growing cities in Japan.

Tomigusuku City continues to grow in an effort to become “a lively city that is connected by its people, sky and green” in the future.

Overview of Tomigusuku City: Tomigusuku City official website