Kuishimbo Book 2012-2013

Popular handbook that covers food and drink establishments in Tomigusuku City. (Latest Edition)

Kuishimbo Book 2012-2013

Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa

Over 100 popular brands are lined within the fashionable vast premises with a resort atmosphere. Enjoy shopping for luxury brands, casual brands, sportswear, shoes, miscellaneous goods and Okinawan souvenir at a reasonable outlet price. Convenient for foreign tourists as duty free goods are available and Ginren card is acceptable. There are extensive food and drink establishments from Starbucks to all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

Phone: 0120-151-427
Address: 1-188 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa official website


Toyosaki Lifestyle Center TOMITON

Toyosaki Lifestyle Center TOMITO, a large shopping mall, is the base for local citizens of Toyosaki. Various shops as well as food and drink establishments are lined. The one and only Okinawa Soba Expo in Japan is here where various popular Okinawa soba shops gather. On the second floor is the official shop of Ryujin Mabuya, a local super hero. In addition to the popular Blue Seal ice cream shop and a large sporting goods store, the mall also includes a golf shop, shoe shop and apparel shop.

Phone: 098-995-8595
Address: 1-411 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
Toyosaki Life Style Center TOMITON official website


Toyosaki Roadside Station(Toyosaki Michi No Eki)/JA Okinawa Supermarket (Toyosaki Nanairobatake)

JA Tomigusuku, which received an award from the minister of agriculture for its mango, is also a major production area of tomatoes as well as a treasure house of vegetables and fruits. The store has lined a variety of souvenirs including fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as its own original brand “Mango Chocolat” and “Tomako” tomato jelly. Also, there is “Warawasa”, an Okinawan cuisine restaurant managed by the JA Ladies’ Club.

“Michi No Eki Toyosaki” is the westernmost roadside station in Japan. It is conveniently situated, just about 15mins from the airport by car and about 6mins from Nakachi interchange of the Naha Airport Highway, and is surrounded by rental car shops. “Toyosaki Roadside Station Information Station” provides local information on flights, traffic, weather and others needed for traveling in Okinawa. Also, staff members can provide information based on actual experience, so please feel free to ask. The restroom (including multipurpose toilet) is accessible 24 hours. The new building opened in July 2012 has lined a workshop and outlet store for Tomigusuku’s famous craftwork called “Uuji Zome” (sugar cane dye) as well as a variety of other experience workshops.

Uuji Zome
Uuji zome is dyeing and textile utilizing sugar cane. The leaves and ear of the sugar cane is used for dyeing. You can enjoy various colors which changes depending on the time of dyeing or the season of which the leaves are cut off, from bright or light green to soft yellowish color such as gold. It is a dyeing and textile product that features the natural texture and the soft comforting color of uuji (sugar cane).

(JA Okinawa Supermarket Toyosaki Nanairobatake) Phone:098-850-8760
(Michi No Eki Toyosaki Information Station)Phone: 098-850-8280
(Tomigusuku City Tourism Association) Phone: 098-856-8766
(Uuji Dyeing) Phone: 098-850-8454
Address: 3-39 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
Toyosaki Roadside Station official website
Tomigusuku City Tourism Association
JA Okinawa official website
JA Okinawa Tomigusuku Branch Fruit Production Committee(Mango Ookoku)website
Tomigusuku City Uuji Dyeing Cooperatives website


Kuusu No Mori Chuko Gura (Chuko Distillery)

Chuko Gura is the place to go for a tour of a full scale awamori distillery. It has the largest wooden storehouse on island, and has many fans for its taste as well as its commitment of even making their own storage pot. As a distillery that has won many awards, it has a distinctive Kusu (aged awamori) investment system, and manufactures and sells many products. It is also the only distillery that provides an experience program of traditional handmade awamori.

Phone: 098-850-1257
Address: 132 Nakachi, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
Chuko official website


Okinawa Local Products Market YONAR’s

Okinawa Local Products Market YONAR’s
Flat lemon, a popular fruit known to be healthy. YONAR’s manufactures and sells products using flat lemon made in Ogimi Village of Okinawa. There is a tasting section at which you can drink flat lemon juice from the faucet as much as you want.

Phone: 098-850-8633
Address: 3-84 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
YONAR’s official website